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We welcome you to the KSP family and look forward to changing your future for the better!

“With over 30 years experience in the Automotive Industry KSP has diversified into the market of the future, that is the Electric Transport Market. Protecting the Environment is of the highest priority for KSP believing Electric Scooters and Electric Bikes allow us to carry on with our day to day lifes whilst protecting the Environment from unnecessary carbon emmisons. A percentage of our profits are donated to various environmental causes each year.

We believe by keeping prices competitive while supplying quality tried and tested products we are able to offer our customers with the perfect alternative to the traditional forms of transport.

Our team of highly experienced engineers are on hand to offer the best and most neutral technical and practical advice to help choose the Electric Scooter or Electric Bike which best suits your needs.


At KSP we believe in the 3 P’s having the Right:




We deal directly with established manufacturers who have extensive experience in the electric transport market which enables us to negotiate the best PRICE.

Our R&D department constantly keep up to date with technology so that our customers are one step ahead in the market and enjoy the best PRODUCT.

Our QC department are on hand to ensure best performance. All our Electric Scooters comes with solid tyres rather than rubber air filled tube ones which are prone to puncture and high maintenance costs. Our Electric Bikes come with well established branded batteries (LG and samsung ) withwith hydraulic brakes as we believe the customer deserves to receive the only the best PERFORMANCE.

Unfortunately due to extensive domestic demand we have temporarily paused our exports and are hoping to resume them in November 2020 but we are still accepting pre orders for export for November 2020 delivery and have limited delivery slots available.

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Black / Yellow


Eletric Bike 15″ Frame

£1,550.00 £1,250.00
Black / Blue
Black / Yellow
White / Red


Deluxe Fat Tyre Electric Bike – 17″ Frame and 26 x 4″ Wheel

£2,495.00 £1,950.00


Electric Foldable Bike 16″ Frame and 20″ Wheel

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What our customers have to say?

“good communication during COVID 19 lockdown, they did everything they could to minimise the delay”
Jake -Aberdeen

 21st January 2020

“lots of patience and answered all my questions over the phone allowing me to choose the write scooter for my needs”
Alison - kent

2nd May 2020

“excellent and timely service”
Raj - Birmingham

 4th June 2020

"I love my scooter and I loved your service and of course the price! Would gladly recommend your company.|"
Joe- Watford

 6th August 2020

“Thank you very much for your excellent service.”
Waran- Peterborough

22nd September 2020

“Everything spot on . Always very helpful, Thanks guys. will recommend to friends and family”

 4th October 2020